Women and girls from around the world speak about the
EGC program and what “Every Girl Can” means to them


  • USA, Asia, UK - Lynne Marks, AICI, CIM

    “Every Girl Can ™ is a wonderful contribution! The program helps build a girl's self esteem in a positive and empowering way at the age when every girl needs it. Yasmin's curriculum includes everything a girl would need to enhance confidence, poise, appearance, behavior and communication skills”.

    Lynne Marks is a Certified Image Master and Founder of London Image Institute Lynne is a mentor to the image industry and co-author of best-seller: The Perfect Fit, How to start an Image Consulting Business andauthor of Skinny Bits, Wisdom for a Flourishing Image Business.

  • USA, MarylandTsalome T., Every Girl Can after-school program participant

    Every Girl Can do anything they dream or wish, become a singer, a dancer, a doctor an actor, and much more.  Some people have the weirdest opinion which is that bays are stronger than girls or that boys can do much more than girls can. I think this is not true because GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING THAT BOYS CAN.  It’s just some girls are not confident. Here is the definition for confidence – a strong belief. So what I am trying to say is that some girls don’t use that strong belief or confidence hidden in them- they don’t think or say to themselves- YES I CAN!!!!  I think that is something a girl has to remember everywhere they go from now and forever.  Another opinion I don’t’ agree with is that the beauty of a woman is the clothes she wears, the figure she carries or the way she combs her hair.  Here is a definition of beauty – a quality that is resent in a thing or person.  I think that true beauty comes from the heart.  Here is another thing that I would like to say -I would love to say thank you soooo much to Mrs. Smith. We all enjoyed her and loved the class. For me I have learned a lot especially about self-confidence and how we never should hide our confidence inside but always show it. So I would love to say thank you again to Mrs. Smith for taking the time to come and teach us. We love you sooo much. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • India, Mumbai - Ashu Khanna, AICI

    “Every girl can accomplish whatever she sets out to do with all her heart. Every women can have unparalleled passion and compassion to make a difference in this world. When you believe in yourself, the universe conspires to make things happen for you”.

    Ashu Khanna is the CEO and Principal of Ashu Khanna Image Consultancy and the first certified image consultant in India. Ashu is also a Chartered Accountant and was the first female professional to be recruited by Arthur Andersen and to qualify for Chartered Accountancy in the firm in India.

  • USA, Maryland -  Renay Johnson, Middle School Principal

    “You did a great job with the girls group on Tuesday. You are perfect for working with them. You have a style and grace that should be packaged! I loved the elegant table setting. Keep up the great work!”

  • USA, MarylandSabrina M., Middle School parent

    We need this so much.  It is an important part of their success.  MCPS has to graduate students who are able to be engaging when they serve you a Starbucks coffee and when they explain a science fair project.  These vital life skills to kids are not being conveyed in the classroom.  Thanks for lighting a path.  Sabrina M., Parent. Maryland, USA