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Civility is a Choice – It Doesn’t Happen by Chance

The President did not mention the word civility in his State of the Union speech. Mr. Obama did say “we do big things” and that “the future is ours to decide, ours to define and ours to win”. He also spoke about finding common ground, taking responsibility and putting aside our differences and moving forward for the good of the country. Civility is a choice; it does not happen by chance. It is ours to decide how it will define America’s future. The President noted that American’s economic growth is inextricably linked to our competitiveness in the global community. Competitiveness is tied to productivity and performance and numerous studies have shown that incivility is a key factor in undermining employee performance in the workplace.  America spends about $300 Billion on job stress due in part to incivility. Civility is good for business and good for solidifying America’s place in the global economy.

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1 Bess Heitner { 04.11.13 at 9:00 am }

You have certainly put your finger on one of the most important issues we face today – civility seems to be disappearing rapidly especially in the totally wired society. Email manners – is it ethical to forward an email to a third party? Cellphone manners – ignoring everyone around you on public transportation. And on and on. I will address this issue on my own blog I will be launching soon which is mostly about fashion, style and jewelry but civility counts in every aspect of our lives.

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