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What’s In It For Me – Can I Actually Profit From Embracing Civility In My Personal Brand?

What’s in it for me? Can I Actually Profit From Embracing Civility in my Personal Brand?

Exactly how does one embrace civility in their personal brand and profit from that experience? On more than one occasion, Lew Bayer has made the profound statement that  “civility is its own reward”.  This  means that consistently practicing civility in our everyday world creates the reward of knowing you did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. This should make us feel good about ourselves and others and confident to repeat that action in the future. There can be spin-off rewards that accrue when we choose to be civil to others.  These may be spiritual, emotional and even financial  as we fortify our personal brand with civility.  Apply any or all of the items in the following list of civility boosters may be applied to your business or personal  relationships.
Ten Ways to Power Your Personal Brand With Civility

1. Saying thank you

2. Getting involved with your community and sharing the experience socially

3. Being responsive

4. Promoting others

5. Honoring your word

6. Raising the bar for personal conduct

7. Paying attention to others around you

8. Listening actively

9. Building trust with high standards for integrity and ethics

10. Apologizing sincerely when you are wrong

Try practicing two or three of these steps consistently for a month and watch the results.   Share your results with me here or email me at yasmin@kymsimage.com.


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